I believe that in order to truly improve someone's health, there needs to be adequate time spent in knowing that person. By treating the whole person, the root cause of health issues is unveiled. I truly enjoy teaching and take the time to educate my patients so that they leave my office with more confidence about their health and their future. I stay current with the latest developments in clinical medicine and support alternative modalities of treatment with a healthy curiosity.

Direct Primary Care

  • Direct cell phone access to a doctor who knows you and cares about you
  • Email and Texting
  • Longer visits to allow for adequate time to answer all your questions
  • Annual physicals
  • Office visits as needed without additional out of pocket expenses
  • Home visits as appropriate
  • Personalized lifestyle and nutritional counseling
  • Coordination of care with specialists and/or hospital providers

Excellent long term health needs a strong foundation of primary care to optimize your health. You should be visiting your doctor more often than just once a year for your "annual physical". I also believe that your primary care physician should be an educational resource for community health providers and patients to exchange experiences and wisdom. Together, we can build a community, so that we can all learn from and support each other on our life journey.

Palliative care

I have a passion for Palliative Care and also offer outpatient Palliative Care consultations/care as time-based visits. To learn more, please click here - Palliative care FAQ

Discounted Medications, Imaging and Labs

My clinic model frees me from the third party payor contractual agreements that prevent physicians from spending wholesome time with their patients and from offering wholesale prices. All members of my clinic will have access to deeply discounted pricing on labs, imaging and medications - putting money back into the hands of my patients.